Our Facilities

Choice Area

  • Interactive choice area with library corner

  • Student can choose to read, rest on beanbag or draw using hand held whiteboard or paper

  • Inclusive of story-telling resources of different academic subjects of various difficulty levels

  • Work systems on wall to build routines of reading and placing back book

  • Clear visuals to allow understanding of rules

Activity Area

  • Safe environment with adult supervision

  • Filled with different equipment to enhance gross motor skills and physical wellbehing

  • Items available:

    • bouncy ball

    • trampoline

    • hula hoops​

    • yoga ball

    • swing

    • skipping rope, etc

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  • Brightly lit area for conducive homework supervision

  • Clear visual provided to improve work habits

  • Differentiated learning areas to enhance learning for students of various abilities

  • Small teacher to student ratio (1: 5)

  • Better learning facilitation and homework completion

  • Clear work systems will be implemented to allow routines for start - do -finish work

  • Smaller groups learning area to build independence for generalisation to different settings

Calm Room

  • Padded walls for safety purposes

  • Quiet area for students to regulate themselves

  • Include clear visuals for emotional management

  • Student can choose to take a break inside the room with the available resources - stress ball, drawing, water timer.

  • Can be utilized as sick bay if required

Nap Area

  • Drawn curtains for privacy

  • Padded walls for safety purpose

  • Individual sleeping mats

  • Can be doubled up as a resting area or group game area

Dining Area

  • Enhances social interaction through having meals

  • Nutritious food are provided for a balanced diet

  • Located beside Choice Area, student can choose to do waiting activities (read, rest, draw) after having their meals

Outdoor Activity Area

  • Perfect for outdoor activities such as ball games, badminton match, sports events

  • Sheltered area beside for wet weather activities