1. Are staffs trained in special needs?

Yes, all staffs who come in contact with the students are equipped with relevant expertise and possess great passion in caring for special needs. 

2. What are your charges?

Do not hesitate to drop us an email KidzStart1@gmail.com  for more details!

3. Are there any additional charges for extra events?

During holiday programs or on Saturdays, we may bring students out for special events such as visiting the Zoo or museum. Forms will be given out to inform parents of any additional charges or aspects to look out for.


4. What is the teacher-student ratio in the centre?


5. Are their meals catered for?

Yes. We provide healthy meals and snacks during their time in the centre.


6 What if my child have dietary restrictions?

Parents are required to inform the staff during enrolment.


7. Are transportation provided?

No. However, we are able to fetch children who are taking school bus from the school. A car park is conveniently located behind the centre.


8. What are the security measures provided by the centre?

There are locks on gates and doors to prevent strangers from coming in. Curtains will also be drawn at all times during operation. We have a sign in/sign out system for parents when picking up their child. Our staff will personally handover students to their caregiver.

9. What does my child need to bring for student care?

A set of new clothes for showering, a set of pillow and blanket (to be placed in centre), own snacks (if there are dietary restrictions).